Certificate in Engineering Management

At the Sease Institute, powered by the University of Indianapolis, we understand engineers do not simply become engineering managers. They need specific skills which combine the technical aspects of engineering and the organizational planning aspects of management. Our program is designed to give today’s engineers as well as those presently pursuing engineering degrees, the skills and experience necessary to become tomorrow’s leaders.

4-Course Certification

The program consists of 4 courses. Each course is offered online over 7 weeks in the summer. At 3 hours per week, delivery is designed to fit around your busy schedule.

Systems Management

Managing engineers hinges on the ability to create and manage the systems in which they work. This course teaches how to set up engineering systems. Topics include ANSI and ISO design standards, maintaining and organizing design drawings, BOM creation revision and deployment in SAP. Learn more about Systems Management

Process Management

Students learn how to design and manage operations. Emphasis is placed on creating statically stable processes capable of achieving flow. Student teams apply lessons learned through case study analysis as well as managing virtual made-to-order and made-to-forecast operations. Student teams also help a real world company solve process management issues. Learn more about Process Management

Financial Management

Offered in Summer 2022.

Facilities Management

Offered in Summer 2022.

Enrollment is open to any undergraduate student pursuing a 4-year degree in engineering or those currently holding a 4-year degree in engineering.

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