What We Do

Catalyst For Change

The University of Indianapolis founded The Gene and Joanne Sease Institute (“The Sease Institute”) to adapt to the changing world of work and advance the region and state with the goal of better outcomes for Indiana businesses and communities. Through custom business solutions, noncredit certification programs, thought leadership, and on-demand education that is tailored to individuals and businesses, The Sease Institute is positioned to impact the economic vitality of Central Indiana. We are evolving with the needs of the business community, creating and delivering training and other programs that solve the problems employers and employees face.

We Understand You and the Challenges That Become Opportunities

The Sease Institute is uniquely designed to prepare today’s workforce for the work of tomorrow. Relevant. Agile. Responsive. That’s what sets The Sease Institute apart from other training and leadership resources. For more than a century, the University of Indianapolis has brought out the best in people and prepared them for careers. The Sease Institute builds off this legacy, while offering a new model for individual and corporate training—one that provides you with world-class teaching and subject matter experts in a collaborative, fast-paced learning environment. We offer more than you’d expect—and a new standard for training and development. It’s in our DNA. That’s why when businesses are looking for innovative partners, the University of Indianapolis and The Sease Institute are at the top of the list.

A Variety of Options for Organizations of All Sizes and Employees at All Levels

The Sease Institute creates content opportunities that are flexible, nimble, and tied to contemporary, relevant workforce-related needs in the areas of healthcare, business, and technology. This content enables participants to learn new skills, advance existing ones, and either gain new employment or progress in their chosen field.

The Sease Institute generates numerous certificate experiences in individual courses that develop the talent for our community. We offer programs that prepare people with skills to take jobs that are in demand, such as certificate programs in certified nursing assistant, qualified medication aide, loss prevention, classroom management, and community health worker training. These certificate programs are created in partnership with school districts, law enforcement organizations and hospital systems in Indianapolis.

The Sease Institute also works with corporate partners to customize business solutions to meet their talent development needs. We work to develop an understanding of the specific business-related challenges inherent in an organization. The Sease Institute then works with University faculty members and content experts from around the country to design and implement educational interventions specific to the stated need of the corporation.

Through our thought leadership solution, The Sease Institute provides original research, public opinion data, and economic analysis to the public space. It is our hope that through national research, conferences, publications, and speaking engagements The Sease Institute will help promote Indianapolis as a leader in understanding, evaluating, and implementing workforce development strategies and programs.