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Photo of Gene Sease

Dr. Gene Sease

Over the past 120 years, the University of Indianapolis has built a reputation of being a thought leader and a resource for solutions in our community. The Sease Institute is named in honor of Gene and Joanne Sease. Dr. Gene Sease was named President of Indiana Central College in 1970 and oversaw the institution’s transition to its new name—University of Indianapolis—in 1986. His tenure was synonymous with innovation and boldly seizing opportunities. Dr. Sease has committed his life to education and service to others, giving his time and talent to the 500 Festival, the Greater Indianapolis Chamber of Commerce, the Indiana State Fair Commission, and the Kiwanis Club of Indianapolis, among countless other organizations. The Sease Institute is designed to reflect the values that Dr. Sease embodies and to emulate his continuing example of change for good.