Systems Management

Course Description

Managing engineers hinges on the ability to create and manage the systems in which they work. This course teaches how to set up engineering systems. Topics include ANSI and ISO design standards, maintaining and organizing design drawings, BOM creation revision and deployment in SAP. Participants are certified in Essential SAP Skills S/4 HANA as well as earning a Systems Engineering, Legal, and Ethical Issues credential as a Certified Associate in Engineering Management.

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Learning Objectives

  • ANSI and ISO design standards
  • System for drawing approvals
  • Centralized design and storage platforms
  • Deploying drawings and material identifications into SAP
  • Assigning machine group codes and creating machine specification lists
  • Organizing spare parts drawings, machine drawings and facilities drawings
  • Creating tool lists to organize product drawings, tool drawings and calculation sheets
  • Drawing release systems and going shop active
  • Maintaining drawing revision controls
  • BOM creation
  • BOM revision
  • BOM Vendor certification
  • BOM deployment in SAP

About the Professor

Dr. Christopher M. Stanley


What course micro-credential can I sit for upon completion of this course?

Credential IV, and SAP.

Is it online?


Can it be scheduled whenever?

The online course is delivered in real-time with students. If you have a scheduling conflict, you can download the recorded lectures.

Where can I apply to take the exam?

Once the course is completed, you can apply to take the micro-credential exam through the ASEM website. After you do this, ASEM will coordinate with the testing service and inform you when/where to take the test.


Enrollment is open to any undergraduate student pursuing a 4-year degree in engineering at any university or those currently holding a 4-year degree in engineering.


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