Software Development

Career Starter
Fully on campus/onsite instructor-led
12 weeks / 40 hours + hw

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This intensive program is designed to prepare graduates to move into early career developer roles.

Program Goals

To prepare individuals to get their first coding job.

Who This Program Is For

This program enables those with technical experience or a college degree in a technology field to develop in-demand skills to enter the IT field.

Note: Many job listings require an Associates or Bachelor’s degree and experience is often required, however, individuals with strong skills and a portfolio of demonstrable capabilities can secure positions without a degree.

Program Faculty


Expertise Gained in this Program*

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • Python
  • Java
  • C#/.NET
  • SQL
  • Coding without Custom Scripting
  • Teamwork & Collaboration

Course Features*

  • Program broken into modules so students see their skills build (For other programs in this style See:,
  • Covers the most in-demand programming languages for web development (see competitor program curriculum +
  • Students create portfolios and coding examples starting in week 2 to begin to showcase their skills to prospective employers
  • Prepares students for future coding jobs by teaching the fundamentals of precuring code and using components from code repositories
  • Module on teamwork & collaboration to increase ability to work well on teams – a key employer success criteria


* Content may be updated. Final content will be reflected in the course syllabus.