Cyber Security

Career Developer
Fully on campus/onsite instructor-led
12 weeks / 40 hours + hw

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This intensive program is designed to prepare graduates for entry-level cybersecurity roles. The program provides fundamental skills for cyber-security professionals whiles also preparing graduates to enter a rapidly evolving field through topical sessions addressing leading-edge topics in cybersecurity.

Program Goals

To prepare entry-level cybersecurity professionals.

Who This Program Is For

This program enables those with some experience in IT to enter a career pathway in cybersecurity. A background in IT is highly recommended but not required.

Program Faculty


Expertise Gained in this Program*

  • Fundamentals of Secure Network Architecture
  • Managing Access and Digital Identities
  • Intrusion Detection: Detecting Threats and Attacks
  • Penetration Testing/Ethical Hacking
  • Security Software Installation, Configuration, and Maintenance
  • Encryption Technology for Security
  • Security Systems Planning (DevSecOps)
  • Cybersecurity Policy & Risk Management
  • Special Topics:
    • Cybersecurity Architecture for the Digital Attack Surface
    • Advances in Digital identities for Security
    • Advances in Encryption
    • Advances in AI for Threat Intervention

Course Features*

  • Program covers the technical skills required to prepare students to pursue certification as a CompTIA Security+ certification
  • Prepares well rounded professionals who can make a strategic contribution to the planning stage of software development or purchase
  • Students create portfolios to showcase their skills to prospective employers
  • Includes free access to thought leadership sessions


* Content may be updated. Final content will be reflected in the course syllabus.