Coding Academy

Career Starter
Academy with an Institute-like structure
Fully on campus/onsite instructor-led

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This coding academy is a welcoming coding community with a set of services to help graduates successfully enter the job market and sustain their careers.

Program Goals

To create a local coding community and help coding graduates land jobs.

Who This Program Is For

Students and graduates from our coding programs

Program Faculty


Program Offerings

  • Coding for Everyone Workshop
  • Software Development Boot Camp
  • AI Developer
  • Business Analytics Using Machine Learning
  • Data Analytics

Wrap-around Service Portfolio May Include:

  • Portfolio, Resume, and Interview Preparation and Practice
  • Internships and Job Connections
  • Community and Networking Opportunities and Events
  • Workshops & Webinars e.g. Productivity Tools & Techniques prepare graduates to succeed in the workplace
  • Workspace
  • Career Coaching

Course Features*

  • The coding academy is a home for all the Sease coding programs
  • Some options to ensure graduate success include:
    • Hiring Pathways — Develop relationships with local employers as a hiring pipeline to create career pathways including internships and opportunities for employment
    • Support services — A suite of wrap-around services that help graduates get jobs and ensure the long-term sustainability and reputation of the coding academy
    • Portfolio development
    • Community website for those who graduate from Coding Academy programs
    • Career Coaching – including optional assessments and evaluations


* Content may be updated. Final content will be reflected in the course syllabus.