Health Informatics

Career Developer
Certificate or Custom Program
Blended course with online modules as well as time spent on campus instructor-led

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This program is designed for healthcare professionals whose role has expanded to need to use health data to gain a comprehensive understanding of patients, operations, programs, etc. for the purposes of managing, implementing, improving healthcare services or processes.

Program Goals

To prepare healthcare professionals to use health information and health data to improve services and processes.

Who This Program Is For

Those with 3+ years of healthcare experience with increasing responsibility, operations professionals, bachelor’s degree holders, RNs, Physicians or other professionals with a college degree in a healthcare field.

Program Faculty


Expertise Gained in this Program*

  • Health Informatics: Understanding the Goals, Tools, Systems, and Processes
  • Health Information Technologies: A Deep Dive into Leading-Edge Technology and Systems
  • Thinking Holistically about Health Data/Strategic use of Patient and Performance Data
  • Data for Monitoring and Improving Services and Processes
  • Health Information for Decision Support, Strategic Planning & Budgeting
  • Data for Continuous Quality Improvement, Cost Savings, & Efficiencies
  • Data Ethics
  • Healthcare Statistics
  • Information Governance for Healthcare
  • Selecting and Implementing Health Information Systems
  • Data Reporting & Visualization
  • Health Information & Data Analysis
  • What Super-Users can Teach us about EMR Systems
  • EMR Trainer

Course Features*

  • Utilize health information systems to achieve improved outcomes in healthcare setting
  • Use health information to improve practices, outcomes, and processes.
  • Make informed business decisions using health data
  • Sharpen critical thinking and analytical thinking skills
  • Demystify health informatics to improve utilization


* Content may be updated. Final content will be reflected in the course syllabus.