Teamwork & Collaboration

Fully on campus/onsite instructor-led
12 hours or 2-day onsite (with pre and post work)

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Skills in teamwork and collaboration top the list of desired skills in business settings. If your work involves collaboration with others this program is designed to boost your ability to succeed in a team environment.

Program Goals

To prepare individuals to work on teams and collaborate effectively in organizations.

Who This Program Is For

Everyone who works in a team environment

Program Faculty


Expertise Gained in this Program*

  • Communication styles and emotional intelligence
  • Principles of Effective Teams
  • Gathering, Grounding, and Sharing Information
  • Making and Keeping Commitments
  • Making Effective Requests
  • Handling Difficult Workplace Conversations

Course Features*

  • This program can be applied towards the Management Essentials Certificate
  • These courses involve active-learning rather than information absorption. Participants will apply in practice what they learn. Participants will increase their awareness of themselves and others.
  • In each module you will create a personal action plan to apply what you have learned in the workplace.
  • Course comes with a planning workbook to help you apply what you’ve learned on the job.
  • Gain an understanding of your communication style and of emotional intelligence. Use this information to create a personal communication action plan.
  • Understand the qualities of effective teams and how your individual contribution makes a difference.
  • Explore how individuals make meaning using the ladder of inference. Gain the ability to separate facts from assessments.
  • Learn to be an active listener and to notice your internal dialogue.
  • On teams we make commitments to others and others make commitments to us. Learn to manage your commitments to build a reputation as a reliable and responsible team member.
  • Learn how to make clear and complete requests for tasks and information. This skill will empower you to effectively communicate and get what you need more often from others.
  • Some work conversations are more difficult than others and put relationships at risk. For example, when you have differing views about a proposed business strategy. Learn the principles of leading and participating in difficult conversations.
  • An on-site version is available for organizations – This day-long program, led by a skilled facilitator, includes an applied activity for each module.


* Content may be updated. Final content will be reflected in the course syllabus.