Management Essentials

Career Developer
Fully on campus/onsite instructor-led

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This program is designed for specialists and technical experts who are taking on roles that involve direct supervision of teams or collaboration with customers and management. You will learn how to balance productivity with the people-skills required to be successful in a leadership role.

Program Goals

To prepare individuals to effectively manage teams and professional relationships within the organization and with customers.

Who This Program Is For

Individuals with 3+ years of work experience

Program Faculty


Expertise Gained in this Program*

  • Leadership – Leading Begins with You
  • Teamwork & Collaboration
  • Habits of Successful Managers
  • Interpersonal Communication
  • Managing Time and Priorities
  • Creating Happy Workplaces
  • Valuing Differences: Diversity & Inclusion
  • Communicating Results
  • Managing for Performance
  • Creating a Professional Profile

Course Features*

  • This management fundamentals program is designed for those transitioning into a managerial role. Supports the transition from task-based work into work where the ability to collaborate with others will determine success.
  • Each course includes 6 hours of course material and 6 hours of applied learning. Each course is self-paced; however, some material requires practice sessions that will allow time for absorption and application of the material.
  • Students may be enrolled in up to two modules at a time.
  • This program helps individuals tap into motivating factors for themselves and others so that they can lead with purpose and competency.
  • This program includes exercises so that skills are applied and built on each other throughout the program.
  • In the “Communicating Results” module you will learn to convey results through reports and data in a format that will be easily digestible by other leaders in the organization.
  • In the “Professional Profile” modules you will convey competencies by creating/updating a professional profile in the form of a LinkedIn profile or Professional Biography.
  • This program is a cost-saver for organizations. Your organization should see benefits in team productivity when working with managers who complete this program.


* Content may be updated. Final content will be reflected in the course syllabus.